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Happy New Year, everyone reading this!

Have you thought about what you`re gonna do this new year?  You`ve probably thought about improving yourself in some way, I know I have.  I want to get better in Japanese, I want to be a better teacher, and want to be a better guitarist.  You`ve also probably thought of doing something new and fun.  I really want to do something new and fun that will help the church and can in someway please God.

Have you thought about relationships?  You know relationships within your family, your spouse, your friends, your co-workers, and God.  Something that most of you know is that the best way to improve your relationship with others is to improve the relationship between you and Jesus.  Spend more time reading the Bible and praying.  If you create that relationship God will bless your other relationships.  Plus, come on, having a good relationship with God!  That`s just awesome!

I have another resolution that is at the top of my list of things I`d like to improve.  I want to have more confidence to tell more people about Jesus.  This has been one of many changing resolutions for over the past 10 years. I hope and pray that every Christian, especially at New Life International Church will tell more people about Jesus this year. May Jesus hear my prayer and give me and all of you guys at New Life boldness to talk openly and clearly about God to others.

So, what are you going to do for God this new year?  I hope it`s something new and life changing.





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  1. Suzy Posted on 2014/01/29 at 9:03 am

    I just read this – I’ve been neglectful about looking at this site, but I’m glad I read it today. You’re right, Christian. We have to give everything over to God and do all we can for Him! I’m excited about what God has for all of us this year as we keep our hearts and minds on Jesus. Good word!

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